Monday, May 30, 2005

Gratitude for May 30/05

Good day!

Today I am grateful that I was able to use my communication skills, and lots and lots of tolerance and patience, to avoid an argument this morning with my spouse. I am grateful (and very proud I may add!) that I was aware enough of the dynamic between the two of us, that I put my feelings to the side, and used every skill in my "toolbox" to avoid escalating.

Today I am grateful that the heat is cooling off. Loved the sun, so did my gardens, but was beginning to get toooooo Hot! I am very happy with this much more reasonable temperature.

Today I am grateful that Trinity and Steve are taking "her baby" Melody to the park so Trinity can push her in the "baby swing"

Today I am grateful that I had fresh food and milk for my families lunch. I am grateful we all have full tummies!

Today, I am grateful that I am taking the time to write.

Peace be with you all,