Sunday, February 20, 2005

Today's gratitude

Hello everyone, I'm finding it interesting to see that if I don't have the daily responsibility of e-mailing the gratitude journal, it sometimes won't get done~ eek! Can't have that....

Today I am grateful for....

1) I was able to send a dear neighbour a letter, wishing her well, and I'm happy she gave me the opportunity to say goodbye. She will be missed and thought of often, I will try and remember her in the sunshine laughing.

2) That I threw away my pack of cigarettes. It was a tough choice, but I knew that if it remained in my home, it wouldn't be a choice for much longer!

3) My girls had an opportunity to visit with their cousins today.

4) My husband, who has stood by me through some mighty dark, might crazy times, he is my rock.

5) Tomorrow I am being paid to attend a True Colours interdynamic training session, very excited!!