Saturday, February 19, 2005

a poem

a rude awakening
sighting you,dear friend
on the front lawn
i wave excitedly,
only to forget,
I'm not welcome anymore.
i have cried
one thousand tears
discreetly mourned
as you wailed
cherished presence
we'll always miss.
Little girl born
and flew away with our hearts.


SkyMoma said...

So sad! So you're still not welcome next door? It sounds like maybe she's transferred some of her anger at losing her baby onto you. Totally unfair, of course, but when have strong emotions been fair?

Love and hugs.

the girl next door said...

no i have not trasferred my anger unfairly onto you, as one has suggested.
my anger is bigger then you or i. my world of walking is a world of inner hatred, and you are not the core of that. i cannot and will not begin to open this wound that is my heart. as i will not begin to tell of the horror that it is to hear someone casually talk about my baby. you want to talk about unfair?