Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gratitude for February 23, 2005

I love that I can sit in the radiant glow of early afternoon's light, our computer set up so that I can face the window, looking out onto my garden that I created completely from scratch. I love that the yellow painted room catches the natural light, so that it provides the illusion the entire bedroom is aglow with natural light. It is here that I quietly sit, collecting my thoughts, paying attention to the smallest details in order to celebrate them with you. Thank you for being a part of this.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Steve and I agreed on the colour "little cutie" for our living room, we worked together, as a team, respecting one another's different styles. It was strangely thereapeutic time. Trinity was playing out the backyard and Rowan was napping, and oddly enough, it was quality couple time. It's nice having a project to collaborate and cooperate with someone you love

2) I am grateful that Trinity also helped briefly for a bit with a paint brush during our first coat, I am especially grateful that she was able to contribute without making a mess! Very relieved and grateful about that! :)

3) I am grateful that I have a job that I absolutely LOVE and when it's quiet, I have that solitary time to just enough the silence, and listen to my thoughts and the rhythm of my heart beat~ what can be better than discreetly meditating at work? :)

4) I am grateful that we have a very, very, very good mattress. It's nice being able to have a deep regenerative sleep between being awoken every three and a half hours! :) Aaah, laying in luxury!

5)I am grateful for the progress I have made studying the Artist's Way, I am thrilled that my mind and imagination constantly churn out new ideas, and by recording them in my morning pages, more room is created to welcome additional ideas. Imagination and creativity are a very good thing indeed!

Peace be with you,