Thursday, March 03, 2005


I am by no means a domestic diva; my cooking ho-hum, but I am an amazing hostess. As I go about setting up the honour bar, cold plates, and hot appetizers, I fondly recall childhood memories of my mother's preparations for a celebratory feast and a house full of friends and family.

My mother has the presence of a hostess and a half; a graceful welcoming demeanour, and in the kitchen she leaves Martha Stewart in a cloud of steaming dust.

The only caution regarding her feasts, are the sizeable portions. Once your plate has finally been emptied, the food so delectable, you cringe to find yourself reaching for seconds.

Many a guest has leaned back in their chair and breathlessly said

"Well Shelley, you've done it again, I am bloated."

Mission accomplished.

Love ya mom.