Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gratitude for Feb 22/05

One single thought of gratitude, offered to the heavens and the Universe, is the ultimate in prayer. Today, I am grateful for:

1) The sweet twitter orchestra of an unseen group of chickadees holding a town meeting amongst the highest evergreens across the street. Their tweets, chitters and whistles filling the sweet spring air with songs of hope and Life.

2) That Rowan is feeling much better, and acting more in character as her easy going, happy self. It's hard not to laugh when you hear panting, the thump thump thump of crawling, to finally catch a glimpse of her enterring the room, her hearty belly chuckle as her entire face squints with delight! Thank Goodness for happy little girls!

3) I treated myself to a solitary walk home from Broadway and MacDonald. Alright, as solitary you can get as having a sleeping baby strapped to your chest. Listening to her quiet snores, feeling the sunlight on my hair and back, the exercise of muscles, the opportunity to drink up every detail of gardens that I passed. Got some great ideas...

4) That I was paid $16/hr to attend a four hour Personal Dimensions workshop. I love self-development or exploration work at the best of times, being paid to attend it- DOUBLE BONUS!!! :)

5) I've been carving little chunks of creative time, just me and my inner creative child. Getting to play, and loving every solitary moment of it.

Peace be with you,