Monday, February 21, 2005

Emperess of Earth

If I were to awake tomorrow, to realize that I was now Emperess of planet Earth, these are the ten changes I would prioritize first:

1) Absolve all debts of third-world countries.

2) Eliminate the Superpower of America. Create a world democracy, where each country had balanced power. A global village.

3) All countries/continents/cities, would share all resources, jobs would be created, and no one would go to bed hungry.

4) Strike down unrealistic interest rates. It would be outlawed to charge higher than five percent above prime.

5) I would create the Clark-Goodsell Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Broken Hearts. Imagine institutes, world wide, where people in need of assistance and support would be welcome. It would include therapy, peer support, twelve step programs, and, of course, art therapy!

6) Enforcement of child labour laws. No child who has not completed high school, would be able to be employed.

7) I would designate one specific sight, perhaps Amsterdam, as the global red light district.

8) All weapons of mass destruction would be dismantled and recycled.

9) All hallogen headlights would be outlawed, especially if your in the city driving an SUV and blinding everyone in your path!

10) There would be a statutory holiday for each month of the year.

I would love to hear from you, what changes would you implement for the world?