Monday, February 21, 2005

Gratitude for Feb 22nd, 2005

What is there to be grateful for today?
1. The home that I have created- a painted master bedroom, a decorated girls room, a very soon to be painted living room! My presence has decorated this humble home, my energy permeated it. My cocoon is beautiful, comforting, and therapeutic.

2. The realization that ‘here’ is a beautiful place to be. Delivered through yet another learning experience!

3. The ability to recognize my own personal life lessons, attempting to remain open, squeezing as much beneficial discovery from each. Soon, my tall, tall, frosty glass, will be full and bountiful. I will drink it down, savouring the taste of knowledge, only to begin the ‘juicing’ process again.

4. My wide pheasant farmer feet! Yes, they centuries ago, would have been wonderful supports for pulling fallen trees, guiding an ox and yoke, reaping a harvest. Today, they are firm, stable platforms for a sometimes turbulent and whirlwind existence.

5. My heart is full of love. For myself, for my friends and family, for life!