Sunday, September 23, 2007

21st Annual Granville Island Ferries Great Garbage Can Art Contest & Auction

I once had the extraordinary privellege of knowing a precious little girl, before she tragically and unexpectedly passed away at the B.C. Childrens Hospital.

While she was too young to benefit from the experience of art therapy, I know there are thousands of children who visit the hospital each year, who can use whatever help fighting for their lives that we can give them. Each year, in honour of that little girl, I participate in the Granville Island Ferries Great Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction.

Artists have four hours to convert their ordinary galvanized garbage can into a work of art. The cans are then stuffed with approximately $200 worth from various merchants from Granville Island. All proceeds go directly to purchasing art supplies for ill children.

I did not walk away with a prize this year, because the prize was already in my heart, in knowing I was helping to make a day a little brighter, for a hurting little person.

I always get so weepy after this event. I know how blessed I am to have two healthy children.


LadyTulip said...

** What a wonderful idea to give these items to children who are ill! ** And how very precious that you gave your time in this contest. It looks like the event was fun.

Have a Good Afternoon!!