Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrate With My Mail Art Campaign!

I am terribly excited to be

celebrating the 2000th visitor to this site!
To share my excitement, and to commemorate this milestone, I am offering complimentary pieces of mail art for a limited time.

Should you wish to receive a complimentary piece of mail art, please e-mail myself directly, and *please* be sure to include your mailing address.

Here are some of the mail art pieces that have been sent out already. Recipients have been in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Kansas City, and New Zealand!

Treat yourself to a piece of mail art, and be pleasantly surprised to receive something other than a bill for once.

Thank you and creative wishes!



Delilah said...

This is a wonderful marketing idea. I saw the information on Alyson's blog.

Delilah said...

Why don't you have a site email set up? They are very easy to add and I think you would get even more people signing up for you web art.

tricia said...

fantastic idea, I think I will do something like it. ALso, I plan to leave postcard size pieces in random places for whoever chances upon it!

Stefani said...

Terrific idea - I'm going to do it too! I found you through Alyson as well.

Shayla said...

Hi Krystin, I love this idea. I've ordered a book about something similar. I can't remember the angle, but it encourages artists to give/exchange homemade greeting cards for free. I guess it's worked out to be a great networking opportunity for many and has payed off.
For myself, I think it would be a freeing experience since I know I won't be selling the piece. Time to play!