Friday, March 30, 2007

Anticipating The Hiccups

One of these days, I will learn to expect the unanticipated road block.

This evening (after a most chaotic day of errands & training) I was to hang my pieces at Libby's Kitchen in Vancouver. I thought I had everything ready. My labels were all written out neatly, all the canvases were hooked and wired, masking tape in my purse, I was set!


When I arrived, I realized for the first time ever, that the cable and 's' hooks I was to hang the canvases from, were near ceiling height. If I were to hang my paintings directly from that system, they would all have been seven feet up the wall.

How had I not noticed this earlier????

Off to a home improvement store I went, on a mission for twine. Fortunately, it didn't take long, and was able to hang the art and get out of the owner's hair.

The good news is, although I didn't see the complication ahead of time, it really was not that big a deal, and it is all behind me now, and in my opinion, the restaurant looks great adorned in my work.

Thanks for reading.



LadyTulip said...

*** Of course the restraunt looks good now *** It has YOUR art in it!! Sorry you had all the headache with hanging your things...little headache-type things make me irritated too!!