Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Police Assistance Required??

The other day, two gentlemen parked a mini-van in the lane behind where I was painting the Kermode Spirit Bear. I've had many lookie-loo's, but these two gentlement introduced themselves by first and last name. I was racking my poor paint-fumed brain trying to recall if I was supposed to recognize the two or not. Turns out it was the President of the Lions Society, and his associate.

They had received an anonymous tip from one of my neighbours regarding my bear. Was the Lions Society of B.C. missing one of their fibre-glass bears? The caller was aware that the bears had not yet gone up for auction, and was most suspicious that I had one in my backyard already.
Turns out that approximately eight months ago, a blank fibreglass bear did in fact go missing. They were happy to hear that it had finally turned up.

So the two of them hopped into their van, to check out the bear, see if they could determine what was going on.

Evidently, they had been circling my block several times, trying to determine how they should approach me: should they just confront me directly, or should they request the presence of the Vancouver Police Dept.

While circling the block, they had checked with their administrative office to inquire who the artists were that still had a bear in progress. My name was not on the 'official' list. Continuing to watch me dedicatedly paint my huge bear, it occured to them that there was still one more sponsor- who was doing that bear??? Contacting their administrative office again, they were advised that Krystin Goodsell was working on that bear. Frustrated- he couldn't believe that I wasn't on the previous list, and shuddered at the thought, that he almost contacted the police department to have me arrested for theft!

So I am most relieved a) to still be a free woman, b) the bear has been completed and picked up to received its five coats of polyurethane coating, and c) in a strange sort of way, the name Krystin Goodsell will always stand out to the President of the Lions Society.

I mean, really, how many other artists were nearly arrested?