Saturday, June 10, 2006


I treated myself to attending a collage workshop today, facilitated by Famous Empty Sky of Vancouver. Truth be told, I didn't need to attend the workshop, I collage at home all of the time, many of which have been exhibited, I attended because Famous Empty Sky has the most amazing energy about her.

Having admired her work for years, I introduced myself to her two years ago at the Cultural Crawl, and was so profoundly moved by her, I actually went home and wrote a poem about her. I had never done that before with anyone!

So today, I hung our with her, and four other creative ladies at Ruby Dog's Art House, and collaged for six hours. These puppies are the fruits of my labour, enjoy!


pee money said...

Wow, I fall asleep for a few minutes, and when I wake up there are a million new things on your blog. I like the shrines a lot. And I think these Egyptian-themed collages are some of your best work. I'll check back soon.