Monday, March 13, 2006

Telephone Message

I received a telephone message from my father-in-law last night. He phoned specifically to let me know that I have nothing to worry about the next time we see one another. No flippant comments will be made, no dirty looks will be thrown my way. He phoned to reassure me that they are not judging me, I am not the first person to have made this unfortunate mistake. They are trying to understand and support me with compassion.

I burst into tears when I received the message. I don't know how they knew those were the words I needed to hear, from anybody. I am so busy judging and berrating myself, that it is easy to assume that everyone else is. Especially with the rumor mill running rampant.

The Goodsell clan is one more blessing that Steve has brought into my life. Who knew that family could be loyal and nonjudgemental?


MARYBETH said...

Hi Krystin,
I am so glad to hear that that whatever is going on (i cant keep up with all the AV mail while im in school =() you experienced the power of loving parents.
Love * Peace,