Sunday, March 12, 2006

Picked up the brush!

I painted for the first time today since I had been honest with Steve. It seemed that while I was hiding my secret, I was also using my creativity to isolate myself. The past week has been full of such intensity, that I didn't have time to escape. However, yesterday I spent much time in the garden planting two rose bushes and two bleeding hearts (how appropriate) and today I worked on a painting I had began months ago. I am grateful I am plugging back in.



Anonymous said...

two bleeding hearts???


MARYBETH said...

Dear Krystin,
Whatever occured..-- the belief that some mistake, is not forgiven, is not part of our growth as spirits here, has led countless people to close up shop and stop existing.
Make yourself create! fake it till you make it! expressing yourself can only hasten the healing process.