Friday, June 17, 2005

Krystin's Manifesto

I believe…

I believe everything, The Earth, humans, animals, the inatimate, etc, is made up of energy particles. Millions and millions of energy entities having, as Dr. Wayne Dyer refers, "having a human experience."

I believe, as individual energies, we are all connected and intertwined, in the aspect that we, and everything around us, is made up of the very same magical cosmic glitter-dust.

I believe that each individual energy attracts or repels other various energies. Have you ever met someone, and just didn't feel comfortable with them? Or visited somewhere and felt immediately accepted and at home? Two examples of picking up and sensing nearby energy fields.

I believe, as human beings, we are on this life journey to learn, to evolve through personal, spiritual, and physical stages of learning. The foundation of these lessons? Universal Law. Further, I believe, that each and every person has a series of lessons to be experienced and absorbed. A sort of cosmic curriculum, if you will. I believe a contract of sorts has been agreed to, by our very essence with the Universe. None of these lessons will break us. Because of our agreement, we went into this Lifetime with an appreciation of the extreme we could endure without being crushed and broken. I believe at birth we still have a rudimentary outline of the various Universal Laws we are here to experience.

As we grow through childhood, into adolescence, and adulthood, each step we take to “reinvent ourselves” or search for something outside of ourselves, we disconnect from our purpose, become distracted by our surroundings, caught up in the whirlwind. We disconnect from our evolutionary curriculum.

I believe that lessons pertaining to a particular Universal Law will continue to present themselves until learned, appreciated, and practiced. When we demonstrate unconscious competence. Until such time, the theory of the Universal Law will be presented over and over, increasing in intensity and persistence.

The Universe will only tap you on the shoulder so many times, before it resorts to whapping us upside the head to capture our attention! This may manifest itself as an illness, loss of a job, hitting our personal rock bottom. An event so dramatically life altering that you have no choice but to change.

I do not believe in disaster or catastrophe. Yes, bad things happen. We experience very negative situations. Yes, people can be cruel, and sometimes Life itself can seem cruel. But I do not believe cruelty is all that comes about as a result of a negative occurence.

I believe in blessings in disguise. I believe that somewhere, within trauma, there is a lesson, a chance moment, a personal transformation that would not have occurred otherwise.

Once the dust has settled from personal catastrophe, and live has resumed, there are blessings within the results that simply would not have been possible without such hardship.

As a survivor of incest, I recognize there were many gifts of imagination, resourcefulness and empathy that would not have developed to the extent it has without such a devastating experience.

It is my belief that all the drama and tragedy of today’s times, the intolerance and injustice, the disintegration of family, community is a direct result of our disconnection from our highest potential. Our individual path, the road less travelled.

The world's current state and circumstance is a consequence of ineffective action. Yet as individuals we have the power to create a new consequence, a new reality, the world we truly want. The Life that we want.

Do you hear whispered longings of a life long ago forgotten? Listen. Investigate. Reconnect.

Imagine taking the time and effort, of recognizing yourself as an investment. I could delve, for weeks, into the enigma that is my psyche. My personal development is a core value of mine. I make it a priority to learn as much about myself as I can. To learn new behaviours, to continue to stretch and grow.

Let’s treat our selves like a precious commodity, the unique, one of a kind, masterpiece that we are. Flawed and all. Let’s take the time to invest in ourselves- there is so much more to be shared when we do!

Let's rub the sleep from our eyes and be mindful of repeated learning opportunities. Let's invest in ourselves, our relationships, our talents to avoid the cold hard smack of a wake-up call!

Let's live consciously


MARYBETH said...

Hey Krys, its MB from The Artist Way group! It is so wonderful to see your blog and your writing resonates deeply with me. Everyday life is keeping me very busy; but my intention to create is ever present.
Come by and visit my blog anytime.

Carol said...

Reading your manifesto was an inspiring way to start my work day.
I have always enjoyed every word and art piece you have shared on the Yahoo Artist group.
"Come to the edge He said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge He said.
They came.
He pushed them, and they flew."
Guillaume Apollinaire
May you continue to fly..

MARYBETH said...

Hi Krys,
Hey have you thought about posting your works on your blog? It is a wonderful way of sharing it with others.
I am watching Live8 right now on MTV. Of course none of our Corporate run networks would dare to lose a few pennies of profit to broadcast this humanitarian event! (GRRRRRRRR)
Sending lots of warm, creative energy your way.