Thursday, June 16, 2005

Artistic progress

Hello, thanks for stopping by to read, wanted to share the excitement of my progress.
As mentioned earlier, I have booked the month of December for my paintings and all other creations to be on display at Cuppa Joe's this year.

I am VERY EXCITED that I FINALLY completed my slide package for the 5th Avenue Cinemas. Months ago, I had prepared all of my slide images of my art, but mid-mental moment, failed to create a title slide with font of who on earth the artist is!!! Needless to say, after much delay, and contemplation, I invested $30 of my hard-earned tip money, to have a professional title slide created for me, with my name, mixed media artist, my home telephone #, and e-mail address. I tell Steve that we will NEVER be changing our telephone # after this investment.

I digress. My point: my images will be on movie-screen display for the months of December 2005 - Feb 2006!!!!

Very exciting!

And had I previously shared that I am now also finally a member of the Alliance for Arts and Culture?

Many irons in the fire! Things are gonna heat up folks!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!