Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A New Day

I awake this morning, and the sun is shining. The two children in my bed are peaceful for now, there is an air of calm before the day begins.

My step-father was good enough to send me a letter with some encouraging thoughts and words, my initial response may not have expressed my appreciation, but his words are echoing with me still today, and I am grateful. Grateful that someone loves about me enough to discuss tough topics.

Today, I plan to start anew. The day is still fresh, beautiful and full of potential, I choose to turn my face to the sun, and savour existence itself. Today, I will not give any energy to anything other than the present day, and the actions to be taken to create the future I dream of: an established career as a well-known and succesful Vancouver artist. Today, this will involve:

  1. Meeting with my personal physician and her business partner with my portfolio, I am trying to encourage them to allow me to make use of their empty "blah"walls in the waiting room.
  2. Going to the Naam restaurant to pick up the painting of mine that has been on display.
  3. Submitting my proposal for creative workshops at my local community centre.
  4. Submitting my proposal for a workshop at the Avalon Centre for women.

Three tangible steps, three very easy simple steps. Three basic actions that will help propel me closer to the direction that I wish to pursue.

Off I go, to pursue my calling...

Peace be with us all!