Friday, February 18, 2005

Her Monologue

You open the door and walk into a darkened room. Walking in,further towards a broad wooden stage, on it a single stool. Either side long, lush velvety burgandy curtains cascade richly gracefully gathering heavily on the stage surface. You have a seat on the set-up auditorium folding chair.

"I hope you enjoy the show" a voice speaks, although who knows where from.

The lights dim, a brief snap as a spotlight brightly ignites. Footsteps crisply on the stage floor, pit pat, pit pat, closer closer. I stop centre stage, stand confidently. Where the confidence emerges is anyones guess. I face you, my audience.

Lighting a cigarette as prepare to begin, taking a sip of water, then begin to speak strongly.

"I've been working on the Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron, for the last two weeks now."

I pause, taking a long deep drag from the fag, smoke magically lingering, like a dragon's smoke, mystically inhaling luxuriously through nostril and mouth alike.

"For those of you who may not have heard of the Artist's Way, it is a book, written by Julia Cameron. A 12 week spiritual program to increase creativity."

Settling in my spot, I sit on the tall barstool, "When I say spiritual program, I don't want anyone to get bent out of shape making premature conclusions. It's not as if she's presenting herself as a guru. Her philosophy is this: A Higher Power, Creator, Universe, whatever you want to refer to this as, has created us. The World."

"Our gift, our tithing, if you will is we, as individuals, creating in return. Our offering to our Higher Power is our hobby, craft, sculpting, painting, writing, whatever our medium is. We create that in serendipitous return!" The passion in my voice growing more intense, my words enunciated loudly, clearly.

"Imagine one creation creating another creation! Brilliant! Close your eyes and imagine. A thick flowing silky strand of ribbon gracefully waving, slowly and long, as if blowing on a breeze, waving, into infity through the darkness."

"Now there are two basic principals to this work regime: Morning pages, or daily pages as I like to refer to them, and a weekly independent artist date with yourself."

"I'd like to share with you what I've learned so far"

"I am entitled to good and happy things! I can identify my passion in life, my dream, and in my own time, take steps towards achieving that. Recognizing that one seed planted today, will sprout, be nurtured and take form, growing its own lush life in the days and weeks to come."

"The trick is, not to be suprised or afraid, when a door opens, or opportunity presents itself, hastily slamming the door shut, rattling its frame."

"The key is to not sabotage you or the process.Trust, have faith, be patient, be open to receiving. Keep trying, and good things in return will find you, do not startle them off."

Suddenly, out of the back of the darkened auditorium, a loud, shrill cry of a baby, rings out into the atmosphere.'

"That's my queue," I say, "my time's up and I gotta go."

Lights on.

I'm back into reality.