Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Shadows Looming"

When one experiences disaster, or sudden dramatic illness or profound change, there is a point in time when the shadows of change loom heavy in the air, without realizing it, until the floor has fallen out from beneath.

That period of time is what "Shadows Looming" (24 x 36 acrylic canvas) is all about. The weeks before Rowan (7) was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (aka insulin dependent diabetes, aka juvenile diabetes, aka brittle diabetic). Rowan was slowly shutting down, her pancreas already broken, but none of it had yet come to our attention.

The soldiers of Type One Diabetes were preparing for battle.... and we had no idea.


Patrice Palmer said...

Krystin - this piece is very powerful. You have captured the feeling of the diagnosis beautifully. Patrice Palmer (Hamilton, ON)

photo to painting said...

Your pieces very powerful lovely my dear.will be sure to post her again when she is complete.
What a beautiful scene you captured!!

Portrait Artist

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roth phallyka said...

What a beautiful scene you captured!!

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