Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quickening Moon

Toward the end of winter, people and wildlife have used up much of their reserves, so be cautious and conservative if you find resources stretching thing. Conversely, if you have enough to share, look to help others. Donating to a food bank or cooking a supper for a friend who's lost a job can soften the bite of this sharp Moon. Assist wildlife with rich foods, suet, corn and fresh water. Check forecasts of extreme cold, and protect vulnerable plants if necessary. Trees are especially vulnerable if warm weather that makes the sap run is followed by severe cold.

Magically, create abundance via giveaways and gratitude for what you have. Pray for people experiencing famine and hardship; contribute to charities that aid them. Work spells of protection for the land and wildlife. ~ Elizabeth Barrette

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who visits here; everyone who has borne witness to my creative journey.