Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Poetic Offering

I found my Artist's bible today

Resources, plans, an artists' cachet

My marriage over, and horizons grey

Magical plans were all put away.

It seems I found myself today

Too long ago gone astray

When found, quite the emotional display

I had let my inner artist decay.

Was reacquainted with my dreams today

Refusing to ever again let them fray

And without any further delay

Picked up a paint brush and encouraged play.


LadyTulip said...

~~ YES!! ~~

Go Forth! -- And Make ART!! ~~


holly said...

Glad to know you're jumping back in to art! Way to go!!!! xoxo

Giggles said...

Boy I can relate to this one! Art ON!!! It really can fill a person up!! It does me!! Thanks for sharing...well done!

Hugs Giggles