Thursday, August 21, 2008

21st Annual Granville Island Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction

My favourite time of year is nearly here! No, I'm not referring to Halloween, although that too will slowly creep upon us. I'm referring to the annual Granville Island Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction. This is a *huge* passion of mine, and I've been participating for the last four years. Basically, 25 artists convert an aluminum garbage can, into a work of 'art', which is then auctioned off as a fundraiser for art supplies at the BC Children's Hospital. Those who know me know I will do anything I can to ever be of assistance to this phenomenal children's hospital. So every year, I lend my creativity, in the hopes of allowing a child the opportunity to express his/her creativity during some of the most stress in their little lives.

Here is a slideshow from last year's event.... hope you enjoy it.

Please come out and join us Sunday September 21st, the artists arrive at 9am, but the fun doesn't really start until around noon. Remember- if I'm making my way to Granville Island from Mission to participate, it will be worth your while also.

Hope to see you there!


BlueJude said...

Glad to be back and catching up on your posts. LOVE the masks below. Hope your havin a great Thursday!