Friday, October 05, 2007

10 Random Things About Me:

  1. I wonder if I'll ever have spare time again. It feels like little people run my world. At least their somewhat civilized dictators.
  2. I have to clean my art studio, so I will be able to create sometime in the somewhat distant future :)
  3. I donated three bags of clothing and household wares to Big Brothers on Monday. It felt good to get rid of some clutter. I'd like to go through the girls' summer wardrobes, purging before I store for potential use next year.
  4. My house does not look like I just got rid of three bags of clutter. I think I should like the television show Clean Sweep to come and pay me a visit.
  5. Every once and a while, I am tempted to shave my head and get rid of the dreadlocks. But then I think about walking, or cycling, around town bald, and it's getting cold!
  6. I am a list person. Shocking!
  7. I miss adult conversation in my life. Oh well, I snuggle with the cat. She listens
  8. I am wondering if I'll really be ready for the Christmas sale Dec 1st.
  9. I am sooo grateful it was beautiful out today. I couldn't have handled another dismal day of torrential downpours.
  10. I'd like to learn how to be a professional tattoo artist.

So there you go. My ten random things about me. Since I have no pictures of any recent creations, I felt I should contribute something. Consider it my show and tell. Without the showing, of course.


Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

I was wandering thru Artella and read some of your comments. Bounced over to your Blog. We share many "Random Things!" I am a mixed media fiber artist but that seems to be such an over used term these days. How often I wish to speak to a "grown up" instead of the dogs! But my husband is at work and the kids are grown and on opposite sides of the country... so I live in my studio... with the dogs, and my music...
and I'm forever grateful that I am able to get up every day and be able to create!
Live long and live happy!