Saturday, September 01, 2007

Butterfly Garden (A Poem by Krystin Goodsell)

Butterfly Garden
by Krystin Goodsell

Frolicking with glee are my babes in the back garden
Wanting to climb the vines vigorously reaching skyward
An ocean of pink, yellow and orange are the blossoms
Toiling, digging and planting scattered seeds
Their little green thumbs so eager to welcome new growth
Hovering in twitchy flight above are a trio of butterflies.

Fluttering freely around our heads, the trinity of butterflies
Plants to attract butterflies here in my garden
So difficult to resist their sweet smells and new growth
A rainbow of sweet peas aplenty stretching skyward
Four little hands, forty little fingers that scattered the seeds
Wistfully yearning to sooner stretch skyward in their blossom.

My family, the three of us will one day again blossom
Together a quintet of soaring monarch butterflies
Two little babes once were just seeds
Me, myself and I the garden
Always reaching skyward for the sun, climbing
Striving, entwining together in new growth.

Shelter from the rain, protecting the tender new growth
Aching for our haunted spirits to break forth into blossom
Always seeking, searching. Always winding and climbing.
Teased by the freedom of the flock of butterflies
Drawn here by my many species in the garden
Birds swooping to snack on the scattered seeds

Little green thumbs once scattered those seeds
Planted in dark damp dirt for new growth
Generations of family mirrors our bountiful garden
One day soon my own babes will blossom
And flutter away independently as do butterflies
I will do what it takes to assist their climbing.

Higher, higher always striving higher. Constant climbing
Scattered in our wake so many discarded seeds
Let’s flutter with ease among the butterflies
Reaching for the sun, hungry for new growth
Honeybees feeding from the blossoms
Come sit with us in the garden.

Continuously twisting and climbing
forging ahead with new growth
Scatter and plant new seeds
We must prepare for summer’s blossom
The wind scatters the butterflies off to other blossoming gardens.