Thursday, May 17, 2007

Seems I have been tagged!

My pal Laurie has tagged me with the "7 random things about me" so here it goes....

1) determined to be as popular as Picasso for my art within my natural lifetime :)

2) seems I am a bit of a "packrat" all for the sake of my art.

3) My middle name is Ceaana (pronounced see-anna), but I was thirty seconds away from being named "Golden Arizona Dawn". When I heard that when I was fifteen, I was terribly disappointed.

4) I have an affinity for crows and blackbirds. A medium accquaintance of mine (who hasn't seen all of my crow art) approached me one day to tell me that it is my deceased grandfather who keeps sending me the small flock of crows to my backyard, and especially the two who were raised by their mother in my backyard. Now that I've been told that, I have to feed them too :)
The neighbours are probably ready to tar and feather me!

5) I named my two daughters Trinity Samara (in latin means, 3 of us guarded by God), and Rowan Edi. I named my youngest after the main character in the Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Sounds strange, I know, but that is the novel I was reading in 1997, when my husband was struck down by the flesh eating disease (necrotizing fascitiis). When he was in a coma for three weeks, I would read the novel aloud to him. Not considering the topic matter. When he finally awoke, I had to check to make sure he hadn't been dreaming about heads kept in jars. Fortunately, he hadn't. Coincidentally, it was also the novel I was reading when I discovered I was pregnant with my second. So it seemed rather appropriate, given the history with the book and my relationship.

6) I am 32 years old, and have been married 11 years.

7) If we could afford another baby, I'd have one in a heartbeat! I love, love, loooooooove the freshie-babies (newborns).

Thanks for tagging me Lauri! Hope you all have enjoyed my random facts about ME!


LadyTulip said...

** See?!! ** Now that didn't hurt a bit, did it?!!

Love all the new things you've been doing!! Your weekend will be fabulous -- just wish I could be there!! Have Fun!!