Saturday, May 05, 2007

Personal Art Shrines

Personal shrine art combines mystical imagery with used everyday items; a whimsical reminder to the intangible.

  • Do you have a quote that’s resonated powerfully with you, and want to create a tribute to it?
  • Or maybe you have a cherished memory for which you would like to create a visual anchor?
  • Perhaps you have old unused photographs of unknown relatives from long ago?
  • Maybe trinkets, an assorted collection accumulated throughout life. Random floating pieces that need somewhere to go.

Spend two fabulous Saturday afternoons at Ruby Dog’s Art House with Krystin Goodsell creating your own personal art shrine. This vibrant instructor facilitates the assemblage of your foam core shrine. Including techniques and topics such as: symbolism, composition, image transfers, and rubber stamping, all rolled up with a good strong dose of altered art!

In addition to leaving with an approximately five by nine unique altered foam board shrine. Each participant will receive bound notes from the artist, sharing strategies and specific instructions for you to take home with you.

This is the opportunity your inner child artist has been waiting for!
Because he/she needs a shrine too

Registration Information:

Ruby Dog's Art House

4738 Main St.

(between 30th and 32nd, on the East side)

Vancouver, B.C.



LadyTulip said...

Wish I could be there for the fun...but can't quite make it!!

~~ By the way ~~ I've tagged you...7 things i.e. Meme, please!