Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mail Art Momentum

I just can't contain my jubilation at how this Mail Art campaign is kicking off! People genuinely seem dumbstruck by someone simply giving something of themselves. In return, I have had offers of art returned in exchange, and even a delivery of home-baked goods! While it is sweet for people to want to return the gesture, I don't want to become focused on that aspect of the campaign, because that's not what it is all about. Simply put: It's all about getting my artwork out there!

No one is going to knock on my front door, and offer me the art career of my dreams, instead, I am finding alternate ways of pursuing it.

If you have any interests in receiving a complimentary piece of mail art, please e-mail me:

Thank you for visiting my site!

Peace and creative wishes


fromthepines said...

I tried to put my mark on your map, but it wouldn't take it. I tried a couple times, it lets me put my info in but it doesnt put the dot on?
I was also in the swap with vintage dragonfly. I love your collage!

youngbees said...

I love this idea and it also represents a random act of kindness. I truly believe this is something that we are missing in our lives. I'm paying it forward in my own way and found the rewards of giving so much LARGER that getting. Keep up the great work. This is truly a wonderful way of getting your work out there for all to enjoy. Bruce