Saturday, November 18, 2006

Current Assemblage Project

For those of you intimate with my work, you know how much I love a good shrine or assemblage! I found this large house shaped shelf at
Michael's Craft store, and ten dollars, I couldn't resist.

I am sharing this very incomplete project with you, as a friend recently was inquiring about how I create my layers. Using wallpaper glue, I adhered various letters into the house. Doing the back wall was great fun, by the time I got to side walls, floors, ceilings and roof tops, I was questioning my sanity. After using many layers of wallpaper glue to ensure there were no corners lifting, I watered down some gesso, and applied a wash to unify the various fonts and backgrounds. The next step will be to apply a wash of colour, but I stand in front of tubes, jars, and cans of paint, and can't for the life of me, choose a colour.

Stay tuned....