Saturday, September 23, 2006

Melted Crayons

Materials Required:

Broken crayons (Crayola melt best)
An iron without holes
Utility Knife
Paper or cnvas


Allow iron to pre-heat to highest temperature.
With an exacto knife, slice the broken crayons thinly.

When iron is hot, sprinkle broken crayon pieces upon paper or canvas.

Using the iron, move the melted crayon to where you would like it to be. The crayon will cling to the hot iron, therefore keeping the iron stationary would not be beneficial.

Helpful Hints:

If you find the melted wax is too thick, and no longer opaque, run iron over it again until wax is completely melted, using a paper towel, remove until it is to your liking.

Try mixing different colours, not too many or it will turn muddy, simply iron lightly and carefully watch how the different colours swirl amongst one another.

I love doing this with old second hand books, as the font is still visible through the crayon.

Consider scratching a message into the melted crayon before it has hardened. If the crayon has dried and is thick, if you scratch into it, it will flake off.


Paints will not adhere to the melted crayon, save your efforts. Try Sharpies, although it might be the last project you ever do with that pen again.

Go Play, Have Fun and Experiment!!!

Creative Wishes,