Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today's poetic offering

After much wasted time, she finally knew
That no one can ever compare with you.
After being so untrue,
Committing such a taboo,
Still willing to renew.
Together we pursue
Even if I am askew,
Quite prepared to see me through.
Maybe you have a better view
And recognize my love is true.
You are my very best friend…
and for that I thank you.

KG 7/5/06


Anonymous said...

looks like you and steve are getting threw this...together
im happy to see.

pee money said...

Krystin, this is a lovely poem. Keep posting more.

On an unrelated side note, last week I was in an art gallery in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and saw some artwork that reminded me of your style, except that it wasn't quite as beautiful. Anyway, I checked the price on a piece and it was $675! Again, your art is superior in my opinion, so I hope it ends up in a gallery.

stevo said...


cherhappy said...

such beautiful clear words and emotion. whatever is was you went through it feels like you're both coming through!