Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today's poetic offering

Crashing waves of emotion surging towards me
Looming white caps seem so free.
Treading water, I watch them gain power
Wondering how long ‘til over me they tower.

The ocean itself grows wickedly rough
I hope I can hold my breath long enough.
The momentum of the wave pulls me under
And swallows me with the sound of rolling thunder.

Spinning and turning, the ocean sends me churning
For oxygen and sunlight my soul is yearning.
Which way is the surface? Which way to the top?
If only I could make the rising swells stop.

Emerging from the wave, my eyes try to adjust
Waves of emotion wash over, this I must trust.
I resume swimming without fear
In the ocean that I created with tears.

Waves may surge, they will rise, a new looming threat
I’ve set a course, navigate and pursue without regret.
Unable to destroy me, I simply must feel their power
Let them wash over, and know they will not devour.