Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today's gratitude

I discovered myself wallowing in my pity pot today: feeling down and dejected. I have been thinking alot about the various tools we all have to overcome our thought patterns, and it occurred to me, I have not been practicing my attitude of gratitude. So here are my five blessings of abundance for today:

1) I am grateful I have a loyal, understanding, and forgiving spouse, and I am even more grateful that this June we will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary (who would have thought?)

2) I am grateful to be alive and able to see the overwhelming beauty within today's heatwave.

3) I am grateful to have two healthy daughters. They themselves continue to amaze me with their innate gifts and loving abilities.

4) I am grateful to live in a home that I love, with a garden I created from scratch. Actually, less than scratch. You should have seen the root system I had to dig up, and then the gigantic hole that I had to fill.

5) I am grateful for my five senses, and that I am able-bodied.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope that my list has gotten your mental wheels turning about the many blessings we all have, despite our pain or circumstances.

Remember "don't mistake your circumstances for who you really are"

Creative Wishes,