Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rerun Art Journal Entry

I have published this entry before, but it still holds appropriate. Some days are good, some are darker, but lately, it feels as though LIFE has been whooping my butt. It must be a phase, because I know others who are having similar experiences. Dang phases of the moon!

Late at night,
When the moon is bright.
My children fast asleep,
Thoughts begin to creep.
This is when I begin to weep.
I turn to the moon
My tears a monsoon,
and I howl.

KG 2006


pee money said...

Yesterday a woman told me, "The life of an artist is a life of pain." Meaning that artists feel things deeper than others. This depth of feeling is both a curse and a blessing. The silver lining is that quite often great art is culled from the exerience. I don't know if you have the melancholic temperament of an artist, but you certainly have the great art.