Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gratitude for May 23, 2006.

Today I am grateful:

1) that all the children in the house seem to have a blast on the tree swing Steve hung out the back.

2) that there is a 10yr old in the house that Trinity idolizes, and both of them love playing with her.

3) I am grateful that after being on a waiting list for nearly five years, I am finally seeing a counsellor at Vancouver Family Services.

4) I am VERY grateful that the woman who is counselling has a PhD and we absolutely *click* together, she and I are laying out railroad tracks to mental wellness.

5) I am grateful that as much fun as my daughters had on their sleepover Sunday night, they were even happier to be home! Okay, maybe not immediately with Rowan I think she was holding a grudge that we left her there. But after a few hours she came out of her shell and started baby-babbling again. :)