Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birdcage Assemblage Update

Over top of the Klimt paper, I attached little plastic discs, each filled with a fear of parenting. The largest says "The Mother Daughter Bond Should Last Forever", others say "Accepting and Encouraging them for who they really are".... "Instilling Strong Moral Values and Ethics" .... "To Model a Healthy Functioning Male-Female Relationship".... and lastly, my largest fear "To Protect Them From All Evil"

The last fear, the one about protecting them from all evil. This is an all consuming fear. I am so hypervigilent and paranoid about protecting them as the whole, precious little people that they are. It seems that everyday, there is a new story on the news about another little girl being abducted and sexually assaulted. Somewhere, in my collective consciousness, it seems I have taken a vow to ensure my daughters will never become one of the statistics.

After the plastic discs filled with messages were attached, I adhered part of my collection of sea glass in a sort of mosaic type affect, to represent almost a blanket or a shawl over the Mother and Child. I think took some amber coloured glass beads, and adhered them throughout the pattern of Mother's hair. I think I have definetly added my mark to the Klimt page.