Friday, March 24, 2006

Waves of Mourning

I am 'recycling' a photo of a huge painting that was donated last year, I feel it's appropriate for me today.

Titled Buoyant Heart, this very large mixed media canvas, contains a collaged poem I wrote after crisis struck not only my personal life, but the Tsunami had just swallowed Indonesia, and heartbreaking tragedy struck dear friends in our complex.

The world was heavy with grief, heartache and pain.

Buoyant Heart:
Enourmous waves of mourning
Loomed ominously on the horizon
Surging, rolling, mounting, crashing
- Gasp-
Surreal bubbling, gurgling
Natural buoynancy
slowly finding the surface
Feel the light

Now, on a personal note, if only I could distinguish if I am sinkling, gurgling, or slowly rising?

Creative Wishes,



Tammy said...

This is an incredible piece! I absolutely love the painting combined with your amazing poetry. Thank you for posting it to share. I have no doubt you will rise!