Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More creative mourning....

Really flattered, thought I mattered
Then you left me
Scattered and splattered
You don't see me
Shattered and tattered.
How did I not foresee?

KG 03-28-06


krystin said...

Oceans of Emotions

I could weep enough tears to fill an ocean
And still not begin to free my emotion
An intense passionate love
Trying to free myself of.
‘You have to let me go’ he speaks
As if I haven’t been trying for weeks.
How does one begin to let go?
This answer I really need to know.
How does one heal their heart?
This is the work I must start.
If you think you have a hint…
I’ll strike it against my heart like a flint.
Feeling as though my soul’s been consumed
Dissect my heart after it’s been exhumed.
“I have to reconnect with my wife”
“Remember I told you, I don’t want a new life”
If only time I could rewind
Start again, of a sound mind.

stevo said...

Perhaps you think about this to much. Putting your feelings and desires into poetic words would likely culmanate these feelings and make them more intense. It's like your punishing yourself by staying connected to these feelings. When a person quits smoking they usually have aplan that involves letting go and creating new patterns. (An action plan) People without action plans have difficulty with sucess. You likely spend to much time in these feelings. You need to put distance between yourself and these feelings to get through them. Create an action plan to change your thinking and your thoughts. Time will take care of the rest. Six months or a year from now you could revisit this grieving process without being overwhelmed by the pain.

Love always.


stevo said...
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Ruth said...

Sweetie you do what ya gotta do to make it through the day. That's all that matters anyway, right...this moment...this day...this night. We all take care of our grief and healing in our own way...our own time. If you lacked the ability to bring it to the your light..it will find a way to thrive and grow...can't 'smothercate'your feelings and emotions especially someone as enlightened and aware of them as you are. You can't fake it /til you make it..so be true to yourself.
Peace, Mother Ruth..sending you a big hug.

stevo said...

WE, must Maintain

Trust with us is starting to wane.
Self absorbed in your pain.
Unaware you remain.
Holding on I retain.
Closer ever to be insane.
Struggle hard to maintain.
Can't you see, you must refrain.

Love SG