Tuesday, March 07, 2006


She was like a glacier and breathtakingly beautiful.

But a glacier is fragile to the smallest temperature change. A giant roar, and another shard of her mental health plummets into the frigid icy waters below.
Spectators 'oooh' and 'aaah'

"Isn't that magnificent!" they exclaim, not realizing they are relishing in her destruction.

It would be more congruent with her well being if she appeared as a lepor. Innocently going about her day, leaving a trail of shedded flesh and dismantled limbs in her wake.

And as she submerges deeper, she wonders if she will have to completely capsize before they understand she is falling apart. At which time they will likely stand around commiserating with one another about why she never said anything, never asked for their help.


Anonymous said...

smoke them if youve got them.
i wont judge my smoking buddy.
im trying this way to reach out to you. c'mom, how are you. let me in.

stevo said...

Your metaphores kill me. Thinking of you.