Saturday, January 07, 2006

Everyday Krystin Goodsell will find the time to meet with her creative
muse. An emerging professional visual artist, mother of two under the age
of four, and working outside of the home five nights a week, she knows the
importance of time management. Painting in the little blocks of spare time
she has: ten minutes here, thirty minutes there, painting like mad while the
children are asleep.

“No one is going to knock on my door, and make my art dreams a reality.
It’s up to me, and that’s fine, because I have the moxie, the skills, and the
talent to back it up”

Krystin is a proud member of the Alliance of Arts and Culture, and is busy preparing for the 2006 season of Artists In Our Midst as she coordinates the Kitsilano group. Visit the website at http://www.artistsinourmidst.com