Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coping with rejection

As an emerging artist, continuously putting myself out there, I encounter alot of rejection. Just today, I learned that I, unfortunately, was not selected for the Kitsilano Community Centre's Artist-in-Residence position.

My first response was disappointment. For months, my husband's been telling me 'he has a really good feeling' about the position. I sincerely thought I stood a chance, and I did have a chance, just not a terribly successful one.

Instead of focusing on the rejection, I am consciously choosing to celebrate the chance that I took-I Believed in myself. That in itself is a phenomenal accomplishment as I'm not one with a history of abundant self-esteem. I have to say it one more time..... I Believed in myself.

I Believed in myself. I Believed in myself. I Believed in myself.

After all, why shouldn't I Believe in myself, I am perhaps the only thing I have control of. I will continue to Believe in myself, and I will continue to put myself out there. In fact, perhaps I will choose to try even harder, or not. Either way, I am going to continue Believing in myself.