Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Does this happen to you?

Have you ever been working passionately on something, with a preconceived notion or plan, going absolutely gangbusters, but then you begin to slow down, maybe finally overthink it, you pause for a break, but then you don't go back to it? Have you ever lost your momentum, and return the project to the far off reaches of your brain? Resorting to stall tactics to justify yourself?

I have been experiencing something similar to the above over the past few months. Sadly, I am no longer as enthusiastic as I once was with this project of mine. Other things look more enticing, more enjoyable. More exciting?

There is a direct line between point A and point B,
I just need to get back to it.
Turn around.
Return to it.

Maybe I just ran out of inspiration, after all, isn't that what enthusiasm is all about? Well of course, inspiration, direction, and hope. For how could one be enthusiastic if one did not have something to base it on?

Maybe I listened to long to those quiet, fearful, subconscious voices in my mind.

Who invited them anyhow??

This is my life, these are my goals, I am being pulled towards them for a reason. This is bigger than myself. There is a quote, that I can't refer to directly, or even recall the speaker "the dreamer is always greater than the dream"

Enough of the dawdling, if I am here, and want to be "there" I need to continue one step after another.

Get moving.