Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Good evening all! Wanted to share my most recent step towards total global domination! :)

Ooops, having a Pinky and The Brain moment- I digress...

For weeks now, I have been busy preparing to begin work on my self-improvement book, aimed at survivors of sexual abuse, it addresses confidence, so on, and so forth. I've done alot of personal work over the past decade, and I've decided to put pen to paper to express, to share.

I figure this is such a huge group of people, when you look at the statistics, and I've been to many a group, therapy session, etc, etc, and there is a commonality, an understanding. Maybe between my art, and the path I have taken, could offer solace, empathy, inspiration and hope.

So the next time you speak with me or see me, check in with me about how it's going. I'm probably about 1/3 through the Manuscript proposal. It's my goal to have it submitted before the end of September. I have already done my research, and know exactly which publisher I am going to approach first.

Wish me luck!